Crossflow Filtration

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Crossflow filtration forcrossflow filtration della toffola

  • Dry products
  • Sweet products (ice-style)
  • Fermenting products (to stop fermentation)
  • Fruit juices or non-alcoholic products

Crossflow filtration may go from a fermenting turbid product to 0.2 NTU, ready-to-bottle in 1 gentle pass

*Very little product loss, sediment is recuperated completely (loss is only what is left in hose and filter walls, approx. 15 liters)

**Ceramic membrane – does not impart off-smells or flavors



Crossflow Filtration Advantages | DRY PRODUCTS

  • Simple one step filtration will take your product to sterility, no pre-filtering required. Product is ready for bottling, assuming all other parameters are to the winery’s requirements*.
  • No material product loss
    • The crossflow filter does not absorb or leak product as the pads do. All the product is recuperated including the discharge (concentrated sediment removed by the filter).
  • No consumables
    • The crossflow filter is completely self-sufficient without the need for filtration aids (powders) or pads.
  • Gentle
    • Crossflow filtration can be performed using nitrogen for the operation thereby reducing the oxygen exposure for your products, and at the same time maintaining your product’s prized bouquet.


Crossflow Filtration Advantages | SWEET OR DESSERT STYLE PRODUCTS

  • Fermentation control. Having a problem stopping your fermentation at the desired alcohol level? The crossflow filtration will stop the fermentation without chemicals or refrigeration! Since the product exits the filter sterile, there are no yeasts or microorganisms to worry about**.
  • Difficult filtration? Contrary to pad or D.E. filters, the crossflow filtration will clear your product in a single pass.

* Although the product exits the filter sterile, we cannot guarantee sterility beyond the exit. The use of a 0.45 micron cartridge filter is recommended during the bottling process. Due to colloids “rechaining” and or microorganism contamination, it is highly recommended to bottle the product within a maximum of 4 weeks after crossflow filtration.

**While the product exits the filter sterile, unfortunately once it is out in the open (tanks, room, etc) contamination may occur.